Welcome to JLOVE World!

We are Jenny and Rania. We are long time friends and business partners in the jewellery industry for over 15 years.

Born and raised in Crete, we are mostly inspired by the shapes and colours of our (immaculately beautiful) homeland. Blue for crystal waters. Green for olive trees and aromatic herbs. And red. For passionate people.

We only use fine materials. All of our stones are handpicked for their aesthetic beauty and how they fit into the design.

Every JLOVE piece is handmade and unique, aiming to offer women the opportunity to express their personality.

Our latest collection is based on our love for modern aesthetics and our passion for vintage flair.

We hope you will enjoy our JLOVE Jewels as much as we enjoy making them for you.

Jenny & Rania

All you need is... JLOVE Jewels

jLove - Jenny & Rania